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·         To provide an effective method of discouraging neighborhood crimes and neighborhood "decline";
·         To promote a friendly and safer neighborhood environment, while respecting the privacy and rights of all citizens;
·         To encourage awareness and provide improved communication among neighbors;
·         To upgrade the quality of life and property values in the area.
The Citizen Patrol is comprised of volunteers from the Ashford Hills community who wish to help, can be alert, observant and caring. Volunteer activities include patrolling/driving around the neighborhood (can sit in car at strategic places for part of the time but are not allowed to carry arms such as guns or other weapons while patrolling) and looking for anything/anyone that is out of place or involved with suspicious behaviors. We then call the police to report possible problem.
A "shift" consists of one day-time hour of observation when people are often away--usually broken into three or four circuits of the neighborhood. Volunteers patrol for one hour per "shift” giving us 30 hours/month.  We also maintain the signage at the east and west entrance to our neighborhood.  If the 30 hours/month are not patrolled, we have to begin the qualifying activities consisting of 30 hours of patrol for six consecutive months again.
Residents of Ashford Hills who are 18 or older may apply to the Houston Police Department for membership. A background check similar to one needed to work with children in church or school is conducted by the Houston Police Department. When the checks are completed and approved, the volunteer will be notified that a training session lasting about one hour can be attended. The session with our liaison officer is held at Westside Police Station, 3202 South Dairy Ashford, or the officer can come to a home in our community if several volunteers are ready to train. Training is refreshed every two years.
To apply or for more information, contact jennifer.simpson@houstonpolice.org (request application be emailed or mailed), go online to obtain more information or obtain blank forms from the Ashford Hills coordinator to complete and mail/email/leave at the Westside Police Station.
·         For non emergencies: call 713 884 3131 and press "O" to bypass general information.
HPD does not respond to house alarms unless you have a permit and are connected to a monitoring service.

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